DDKingz Designated Drivers, is a company that strives on yours and the public's safety by lowering the number of drinking and driving infractions on the road. To do this, we offer affordable, professional,  and fully licensed Designated Drivers to see that you, your friends and your family get home safely and effectively with the added bonus of having your car in the morning. You'd be silly not us a Designated driver, $20 could save $20'000 or better yet a life!

DDkingz Designated Drivers

Private Events

Hosting the game at your place? Just finished your dream wedding?

Show your friends and family that you care by booking DDKingz Designated Drivers for your events. We'll be outside with our team of drivers at the time you wish to make sure that you have the perfect ending to a perfect night. All pre-orders or event orders must be booked at least 24 hours prior. To book your event with DDkingz Designated Drivers please CONTACT US.

Designated Drivers